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The Charlton Ross Associate Network includes consultants who are qualified and experienced fire risk assessors, with many years experience in fire safety, either through enforcement careers, or as fire safety consultants.  Our approach in undertaking fire risk assessments is to ensure that we fully understand our clients' businesses. We have experience in many different sectors including:

- Offices and Shops
- Commercial Buildings
- Residential Buildings
- Social Housing
- Educational Buildings
- Small and Medium Places of Assembly
- Sleeping Accommodation
- Warehouses and Factories

Our clients include:

- Property Managers
- Investment Companies
- Property Developers
- Social Housing Providers
- Charities
- Schools and Colleges
- Social and Sports Clubs

A fire risk assessment is an organised and methodical look at the premises, the activities carried on within the premises and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises.

The person deemed to be responsible for fire safety is required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks, in order that they can identify the general fire precautions needed to comply with the legislation.

Through this risk assessment process the principles of fire prevention which need to be applied are:

  • Avoidance of the risk
  • Evaluation of the risks which cannot be avoided
  • Combating risks at source
  • Adapting to technical progress
  • Replacing dangerous with non or less dangerous
  • Developing an overall prevention policy
  • Giving collective measures priority over individual measures
  • Giving appropriate instructions

In addition to following the broad principles set down in PAS79:2012 we will work with our clients to understand how the information provided from the fire risk assessment will be managed and the remedial actions implemented.  That way we can ensure that the information we provide is in the most useful format.


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